Importance of Ergonomic School Bags

Overwhelmed School Bag Weight

Students burdened with heavy school bags is not a recent problem, but, a long-standing complaint. Our modern education system nowadays is trying to make education as much comprehensive as available which results in the increase of student’s school bag. Ministry of Education in Malaysia has stated that average recommended school bag weight in Malaysia is only 6 kg in 2017, however the average school bag weight has already weighted more than 1 kg.

Prevents Wrong Body Structure

A heavy school bag burdens your children’s back. This will suppress your children’s back, making them to apply wrong postures in daily life.  Poor posture or slouching can lead to tension and pain in neck, upper back, lower back, and shoulders. But buying an ergonomic Astrokids school bag will help you combat this issue in a graceful and effortless manner with ergonomically designed 3D foam pads and 6 wheels trolley! These bags are not going to put a strain on your child’s back in any way, so it is safer!